MULTI-STYLE SUPER GUITARIST, JIM GREENINGER, Playing the most beautiful and passionate songs of all time.

Jim Greeninger may be the most versatile solo guitarist of all playing Gospel, Country, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Spanish all at the highest level. Plus, Novel (two songs at once) and passionate ballads to melt your heart.


With an impressive list of credentials such as: Julliard, Carnegie Hall Solo performance to an instant standing ovation, studied with Andres Segovia, Jim is a guitar designer and builder (Luthier), competition winner, founder of The American School of Music ( www.AmericanSchoolOfMusic.com ).


He is also a Master Guitarist Level 7, MG7. Jim plays at least seven distinctly different styles of music. At this concert he will play Country, Classical, Jazz, a special music demonstration showing how a person can play so many parts in one song - so fun to watch, and a piece where he plays two songs at once. Also, some of the most popular and beautiful songs of all time. In the second half Jim may even take requests from the audience, as time allows.

He was the first guitarist to be invited to teach at the famous Juilliard School of Music. A story Jim may tell at the fun and interactive show where you, the audience, can request the songs that he plays.

He was a student of Andres Segovia for seven years. Maestro Segovia said: “You have the sacred fire...” And said: “We are alike spirits.”

He has to his credit three gold CDs and ten others of different styles. He records in a very different way which produces a better CD and listening experience.

Being a Luthier (musical instrument builder), he builds the guitars he plays. He built a special guitar for this his Carnegie Hall performance. This took approximately 300 hours to construct and has been his best guitar to date. Now, Jim is working on special full size folding guitars, both nylon classical and steel string acoustic/electric. These amazing guitars fold at the neck/body joint and go into a backpack case for airline travel. Much thanks to Harvey Leach, Master luthier and the world's leading inlay artist, for his invention of the folding guitar system. Mr. Leach also made the bodies and basic two guitars that Jim completed. Harvey and Jim are currently working on a collaboration to create a line of high end folding classical guitars which will, hopefully, debut sometime in late 2018.

Jim performed his solo debut at Carnegie Hall for an hour and a half he set on stage at Carnegie Hall and mesmerized a full house. The audience loved him and he received a great review from the New York Times. Many of the Juilliard staff and students we're in the center section to hear him.

Here is what Jim says about that performance:  “I was just a farm boy from Oregon but I decided to tackle the greatest task ever; a solo debut at Carnegie Hall. I worked for a full year on this program practicing every single day in the dark, in the light and anytime of the day. I was only in my early 30’s at the time. When I started to play there was a lady sitting in the front row in my line of sight with her legs crossed swinging her right leg out of tempo. It was quite distracting so my practice of playing in the dark paid off. I simply closed my eyes and played the entire program without distraction.” I must have played well because the result was an instant standing ovation with people yelling ‘Encore, encore!’ Being a farm boy, I wasn't sure what to do but finally came back out played something slow and pretty.”

Incredibly popular CDs - “Many years ago I discovered that the best way to record was in live performance. The trick was to have the sound of the guitar without any extraneous sounds. I found the answer to be a high quality digital recorder and a direct output from my line-mixer and record every performance. This gives each song a great musical sound and energy, plus, I have many chances to achieve a perfect performance.”


Jim is now the founder of the new American School of Music (AmericanSchoolOfMusic.com) , a traveling music school with unique abilities. Teaching the Gamer Changer Class, the last master class you will ever need. Quickly learn professional techniques and get out there and play your music, very cool classes.

REVIEWS: "Jim Greeninger is one of the world's greatest guitarists...a real heavyweight"  Howard Roberts, GIT/MIT, Hollywood, CA   "SUCH REFINED QUALITY AND INTERPRETIVE STRENGTH"  St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis, MO


 "Breathtaking, what a brilliant guitarist" Youtube Review


“Hands of a surgeon and a poet’s soul”

What other musicians say: "Top class performance, better does not exist!”, "The emotional impact is utterly devastating...", "Breathtaking, what a brilliant guitarist.", "He is the best of all guitarists…""Breathtaking.", "Wow, I'm speechless... maybe the finest I've ever heard in my life..amazing", "Very good, maybe the best player in the world.", "We're not worthy!!!!!!! Best I have ever seen.", "You are incredible. I don't have words to describe how wonderful you play the guitar, your sound is perfect.", "I can't say enough good things about Jim Greeninger's guitar playing. He deserves all the praise he gets.", "Master!!!", "Wow!, Absolutely captivating. It warms the soul ."

At the show you may hear or request songs like: Country: You Were Always On My Mind, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues Popular:  Walk Don't Run, Route 66 W/Traffic Jam, horns honking, Unchained Melody, Moon River Stand By Me, Wonderful World, Maria Elena, Danny Boy, ... More... Novel, Jazz, Latin: Two Songs At Once, Yankee Doodle & Dixie, Build a song: Bass, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm. keep changing things to make it interesting. Absolutely fascinating.  Blue Moon, The Girl From Ipanema, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Secret Love, Yellow Bird, Jobim, Bonfa, etc. Classical: O Solo Mio, Quando Men Vo, Simple Gifts, Pachelbel Canon, Masterpiece Theater Theme, Romance de Amore, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Bach, Scarlatti, Spanish, etc.,  Gospel, upon request: The Old Rugged Cross, As The Deer, He Touched Me, In The Garden, Christmas: Away In A Manger, The Christmas Song,  Fairest Lord Jesus, Silent Night, Feliz Navidad,  White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells, Catalonian Song,  Mary Did You Know,  Ave Maria. And so many other songs you can request.

Jim may give a short music lesson showing you things even professional musicians don’t know, and a guitar lesson showing you how to play the guitar without your hands hurting in a simple method Jim calls Easy Guitar Now, The Color Note Method. It’s very interesting…!

Humor: Yup, it’s here. Jim has some great stories and jokes. This show is 1 ½  long but often the audience does not want Jim to stop. 


This is to announce our concert on October 1, 2016 at Winningstad Theater, Portland'5, please post or announce.


The Passion & Beauty of The Guitar, Jim Greeninger   http://passionmusictour.com/   At this website you will see a Press Release, photos, videos, and more.


Here are some reasons why you may like to have Jim on your show or do an interview with him:

  1. Jim plays more styles at a high level than any other guitarist.
  2. He designs and builds his own instruments, including his new full size folding backpack classical and steel string guitars, very cool to see
  3. Jim Greeninger is the Director for the American School of Music ( http://americanschoolofmusic.com/ ) and will give a class a day following the performance on: "How to be twice the musician you are in just one day and one class" with little known techniques he developed over the years. EVERY musician and singer needs this class.
  4. Jim will play most any styles of music you would like to hear: Classical, Jazz, Country, Gospel, Popular, Latin, Novel (two songs at once), Spanish...and more.
  5. His acclaimed solo debut at Carnegie Recital Hall
  6. How Jim was invited to teach at the prestigious Julliard School of Music and why he turned it down
  7. His invention of the j51 Recording strings made by D'Addario and why the guitar world needed them
  8. Jim's years studying with Maestro Andres Segovia
  9. The competitions he has won
  10. His show in Branson Missouri, "The live show capital of the world"
  11. How Jim developed the blistering 3-finger run techniques
  12. Why he is now playing the world's most beautiful pieces in his new show/concerts and how he discovered everyone loves this format.

Interviews are always fun with Jim Greeninger not just because of the above reasons, but also because of his wit, fun and funny stories.











Get you tickets early, Jim’s concerts usually sell out early.



Songs you may hear at the concert:

Demo shorts, variety:

30 second shorts:
1. Bossa Nova (Insensatez, Jobim)
2. Maria Elena
3. Concerto de Aranjuez, Adagio
4. Ava Maria, Schubert


Spanish/Classical: Recuerdos de la Alhambra









Country: Deed I Do, Full Song 


Two Songs At Once, Yankee Doodle & Dixie








More demo videos to come, soon



Videos and Master Class info TBA






e-mail:  info@guitarforjesus.com